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Terrco Double S Segment Shoes (JOY-TCS-S2)

Grit  Available: 6#, 16#, 30/40#, 60/80#, 100/120#, 150#, 200#.

Bond Type Available: soft bond, medium bond, hard bond

Grinder: Terrco Floor Grinder


  • Efficient,stock removal for improve labor production while reducing tooling cost
  • More than just a great price, a consistent performer with very impressive durability
  • Different bond types and various diamond grit sizes available
  • OEM custom service supported !


Terrco Double S Segment Shoes (TCS-S2)

Bond Type Available: soft bond for hard concrete, medium bond for medium concrete, hard bond for soft concrete.


1. Grit available: 6#, 16#, 30/40#, 60/80#, 100/120#, 150#, 200#.

2. Bond Type Available: soft bond, medium bond, hard bond.

      A. Extra Soft Bond – For Very Hard Concrete

      B. Soft Bond – For Hard Concrete.  Bonds needs to be soft to expose diamond crystals to grind the hard surface.  Hard  concrete contains hard granite, quartz, river stone, flint rock.

      C. Medium Strength Bond – Suggested in most cases, most popular and most common bond used.  For use on floors containing common pit gravel and/or medium river stone, traprock, crushed gravel.  The Soft and Hard Bonds are typically reserved for extreme (uncommon) cases.

      D. Hard Bond – For Soft Concrete.   Bond has harder metals in its matrix to withstand the abrasion, so the diamond crystals are not kicked-out before they have a chance to work the surface.  Soft concrete contains limestone, sandstone, dolmite, soft shell.

3. Most Consistent, Highest Quality

4. Wet or Dry use


“S” Shoes are for flat floors where there is no lippage at all. 
They are extremely efficient at opening up power troweled floors, where the surface tension is very tight due to the troweling process. 
They are also very effective at grinding very hard materials when using low horsepower machines. 
“S” shoes come set up exclusively for the patented speed shift system.

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