PCD Tools for Concrete Floor Epoxy Removing (JOY-HTC-PCD2A3)

PCD Number: 2

Color: Golden (Can be customized)


  • Efficient,stock removal for improve labor production while reducing tooling cost
  • More than just a great price, a consistent performer with very impressive durability
  • Different bond types and various diamond grit sizes available
  • OEM custom service supported !


PCD Tools for Concrete Floor Epoxy Removing (HTC-PCD2A3)

T-Rex DOME is a tool specifically developed for really tough stripping such as removal of epoxy, glue or cementitious toppings >3mm. The tool consists of 2 PCD diamond segment and 3 PCD diamond dome that join forces to generate a highly powerful floor prep tool for thicker coatings. The T-Rex DOME II is equipped with a protective segment to improve performance (to avoid too deep penetration) and is available in both A and B versions.

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