18+ Years Experience

We implement quality-oriented method and talent strategy, gathering talented staff, adopting outstanding management and keeping forging ahead for creating overwhelming superiority in this line to satisfy the maximization of customer benefit. 



Professional Services

We rely on high level professional technical personnel, strict production management and quality assurance and the most advanced home and aboard technique to produce all kinds of resin bonded metal bonded and ceramic bonded diamond tools.

100+ Number of Countries

With many years constantly researching and developing of super hard materials, our products have gained many domestic and aboard customers, they offer acceptance and favorable comments for us.

Grinding Plate
  • Grinding Cup Wheel
  • Diamond Grinding Disc
  • Diamond Grinding Plate
  • Diamond Grinding Block

Grinding plates are mainly made of metal, which can be matched with heavy-duty polishing machine and used on stones and concretes polishing. They can use either wet or dry. Supply good quality with competitive price is the goal we have been pursuing. All your inquiry will get our prompt reply. 


Polishing Pads
  • Dry Polishing Pad
  • Wet Polishing Pad
  • Floor Polishing Pad
  • Concrete Polishing  Tools

Polishing pad series can be used with power machinery acted as good helper for polishing concrete, granite, marble, terrazzo, quartz or counter-top etc. All of them can be adapt to various working conditions, and have long life span, high sharpness and better polishing quality.

Cutting Saw Blade
  • Diamond Saw Blade
  • Diamond Cutting Tools

Can be used with power machinery acted as good helper for cutting granite, marble, concrete, microliter or ceramic etc. 




Diamond Tools
    • Diamond Wire Saw
    • Diamond Core Drill Bit

Diamond is hard, so the tools made of diamond are particularly suitable for processing hard and brittle materials, especially non-metallic materials, such as stone, wall and floor tiles, glass, ceramics, concrete, refractory materials, magnetic materials, semiconductors, gems, etc.

  • Diamond Segments for Stone Cutting
  • Diamond Segments for Grinding disc
  • Diamond Segments for Drill Bit

Block cutting segment and blade for granite. Suitable for saw blade for cutting granite, marble block, diamond grinding disc, drill bit.



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