270mm Husqvarna Bush Hammer Plate for Concrete Floor Preparation (JOY-HQ-BH-270)

Plate Size: 270mm
Roller Nummber: 6 piece
Roller Pin: 45 pins


  • Efficient,stock removal for improve labor production while reducing tooling cost
  • More than just a great price, a consistent performer with very impressive durability
  • Different bond types and various diamond grit sizes available
  • OEM custom service supported !


270mm Husqvarna Bush Hammer Plate for Concrete Floor Preparation (HQ-BH-270)

1. Concrete hard, Concrete medium, Concrete soft, Rain-damaged concrete, Semi-polished concrete, Porous ceramic glues, Plastic-like ceramic glues, Vinyl glues, Paint and thin epoxy, Thick epoxy.
2. Husqvarna bush hammer tools can achieve a standard surface preparation profile equivalent to International Concrete Repair Institute’s (I.C.R.I.) Concrete Surface Profile (C.S.P.) standard of 6-7 using your Husqvarna grinder.
3. Removes rigid or brittle coatings and overlays with ease. Exposes large aggregates in as little as one pass.
4. Ideal for removal of hard coatings and screeds and abrasive concrete surfaces.
5. Coating removal; glue, leveling compound, paint, thin epoxy coating, tile screeds

Removal of:

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