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Polishing Pads For Porcelain Tiles

If you’ve ever had a hard time maintaining the shine of your porcelain floor tiles, you’ll want to invest in a good polishing pad.polishing pads for porcelain tiles These special pads are designed to remove scratches and imperfections on porcelain tiles, whether flat or angled. The best polishing pad for porcelain tiles will give you […]

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How to Grinding Concrete

Grinders are typically used to shape concrete surfaces that won’t be visible once the project is installed. We use grinders to remove concrete on the underside of a countertop section  but don’t use them on the top surface. Grinders are often confused with polishers, but in reality are very different tools.  A grinder, with speeds over 10,000

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Polished Concrete Process

Polished Concrete Process UNPROCESSED CONCRETE:Unpolished, or unprocessed, concrete often has some type of existing coating(ie. epoxies) or an adhesive (ie. carpet adhesive, black mastic which is laid underneath existing tile, etc.)  that will have to be removed prior to polishing your existing concrete surface. 1) GRINDING & CONCRETE PREP:To begin the concrete polishing process we repair existing

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